KIP Fund Disbursement Incomplete

Suara Pembaruan, page 17

To date, the disbursement of Indonesia Smart Card (KIP) based on data from the Ministry of Education and Culture is still unresolved. Noted those already channeled are to 11,192,770 students. While those disbursed were only 4,555,456 students or approximately 40.7%.  Whereas the government’s target is for KIP to be thoroughly distributed in November and completely disbursed in December this year.

Director General of Primary and Secondary Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture Hamid Muhammad said the problem is triggered by several factors, among which is the reach and the disbursement quota per day from entrusted banks. Hence, he has sent letters to the school principals and the banks to speed up the disbursement.

The need for coordination with all relevant parties, according to Hamid, is because KIP is channeled into the villages rather than directly to the schools. So for the outermost, disadvantaged, and frontier regions (3T), there are still many children who have not received the KIP. This occurs because the distance between the schools and the banks is far away.

Furthermore, Hamid asked the participating banks to perform proactive services by sending their fleet to areas difficult to reach. For example, by sending bus service or even a speedboat to reach the archipelago.

Moreover, Hamid said, if the KIP distribution is still unresolved, it is possible that in 2017, there will be additional participating banks through a consortium. In this case, regional banks would be involved so as to reach all outlying areas. Likewise with KIP budget, the funds will not be returned to the state treasury. Because the funds had been allocated for KIP, so that only delay the disbursement until next year.



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