National Exam (UN) for Mapping Need Not be Every Year

Media Indonesia, page 13

Minister of Education and Culture (Mendikbud), Muhadjir Effendy said in Jakarta, Wednesday (19/10) that his party would conduct a review on the implementation of the national exam (UN) because mapping need not be every year. He continued that since the UN is no longer a determinant of graduation, the level of significance of the UN diminishes.

Muhadjir continued that based on mapping results there are two types of schools, namely schools that make breakthroughs and schools that have not met the standards. According to him, schools that make breakthroughs will lead or provide guidance to schools that do not meet the standards.

Muhadjir explained that so far, the UN is held every year, but the mapping results obtained from UN were not utilized. Nonetheless the funds disbursed for the UN is over Rp500 billion.  He also deems that it is better if these funds are to be used to repair damaged schools and also improving the competence of teachers. In the near future, Muhadjir added that the results would be formulated.



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