Teachers’ Function to be Converted

Jawa Pos, page 23

Ministry of National Education will convert the function of SMA/SMK teachers for certain subjects into productive teachers as a follow-up of Presidential Instruction Number 9 of 2016. This regulation stipulates the revitalization of SMK in order to improve the quality and competitiveness of human resources (SDM).

Section Head of SDM for Education Personnel of Department of Education (Dispendik) DKI, Amin Fathkhurrohman, provided an explanation for this move. Teachers who have yet to obtain certification, teachers of certain subjects no longer being taught due to the curriculum, and the excess of those teaching certain subjects will be transferred to become teachers for productive subjects in SMK.

Amin said that the purpose of this program is to improve SMK students’ competencies and prepare human resources that are ready to work following their graduation. The dissemination and data collection of teachers to be transferred will be completed by November. These teachers will not directly teach but must first attend training for 10 months. Besides learning the theory, they must also have internship in schools that have programs of certain skills in the industrial field. In this way, therefore, the teachers will not only have competency in teaching but also experience in the industrial field.



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