Developing Vocational Education, RI Asked Germany for Help

Jawa Pos, page 20

The Ministry of Manpower (Kemenaker) asked the German government to provide training instructors in the maritime, industry, and tourism fields. The government also asked German companies in Indonesia to be involved in the development of vocational training.  Especially in the development of competencies in line with the needs of industry, the recognition of competency standards and professional certification, apprenticeship in German companies, as well as the placement of training graduates from the Job Training Center (BLK).

The government also expects cooperation support in practical research. Namely by synergizing the government, industry, and universities.  The goal, making a profit of trained manpower in accordance with the demands of industry and the changing character of jobs in the future. Menaker Dhakiri Hanif said the success of vocational training in Germany becomes one of the references in developing vocational training.

The assistance request is a follow up to the lack of Indonesian workers today. The labor force is now dominated by graduates of elementary and junior high school (62 percent).  The government believes the job training (vocational) could be a breakthrough for improving the relevance of the production of human resources to the needs of industry. In addition, to improve labor competitiveness in the global market.

Hanif said the request for help to the German government was to follow up the meeting between President Joko Widodo with German President Joachim Gauck and German Chancellor Angela Merkel some time ago. Hanif then met the German Deputy Minister of Labor Yasmin Feheemi in Berlin. According to Hanif, Germany should become a model in the involvement of industry and the private sector to support the production of compatible HR.



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