Increase in the Educational Participation Not Followed by Improvement in Quality

Suara Pembaruan, page 16

Prof. Rochmat Wahab, an education observer, appreciates the program to equalize access to education during the two years of Jokowi-JK government. In order to eliminate the high number of students dropping out, the government has offered several programs and is considered to be on the right track. Among these programs are Indonesia Smart Card (KIP) for school age children from poor families, increase in the quota of Bidikmisi scholarship from 60,000 to 75,000 participants and Indonesian Lecturers Priority Scholarship (BUDI) for both within and outside the country.

However, Rochmat revealed that KIP program has not been optimized since a number of children have not received it or the cards have not reached the right target. According to recent data from Kemendikbud, KIP reimbursement has not been completed. While 11,192,770 students have received the cards reimbursement of funds has only been for 4,555,456 students or 40.70%.

Meanwhile, the data of KIP receivers from BPS and that processed by TNP2K shows that there are 17.9 million school age children from poor families who deserve KIP. The government has a target to complete the distribution by November and the reimbursement by December. On the other hand, however, there is no certain target for BUDI to increase the number of people in Indonesia gaining doctoral degrees.

Rochmat further said that the issue in education is not only the access but more importantly the quality. To date, the quality of education has not received any attention from the government as can be seen from the dragging out of the process to improve the curriculum 2013 (K-13). In addition, the quality of education lacks further vision when the government issues policies showing that the quality of education in Indonesia still needs to be improved.

One example is the lack of a new national education standard since National Examination (UN) is no longer the determinant for graduation. Rochmat said that discourse on revoking UN is one form of regression because UN can fulfill standardization of assessment. If this is revoked, it will be difficult for the government to determine the quality of the schools.



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