Kemenag Studies Cultural Curriculum

Republika, page 12

The Ministry of Religious Affair (Kemenag) has seriously studied a cultural curriculum to be implemented soon in Pemkab Surakarta, West Java. Through this curriculum, Moslem SMP students in that regency will obtain mengaji kitab kuning (Islamic classical textbooks written in Arabic lessons).

Minister of Religious Affair, Lukman Hakim Saifudin sent his expert staff to Purwakarta, Wednesday, to learn the system and methodology of policy lately proposed by Purwakarta Regent, Dedi Mulyadi on the cultural curriculum.

Expert staff of the Minister, Hadi Rahman, confirmed that receiving instruction directly from the Minister to visit Dedi Mulyadi. He said that there are two things to learn in Purwakarta, namely the shuttle system of hajj pilgrim plus system of reading kitab kuning for Moslem students and holy book for non-Moslem students.

In addition to the shuttle system for hajj pilgrims, Hadi said that the Minister is also interested in the subsidy concept for hajj pilgrims applied in Purwakarta. In relation to the policy on reading kitab kuning and other holy books according to each corresponding religion, Hadi said that the Minister will soon hold a national workshop as a follow-up to such technical policy at the ministerial level. He revealed that according to the Minister, to date religious subjects at school are too standard. Therefore, it is necessary to encourage religious cultural learning as written in the kitab kuning.

Meanwhile, Purwakarta Regent, Dedi Mulyadi, explained that the implementation of the cultural curriculum aims at helping students gain comprehensive understanding about their religion. This curriculum will be implemented in December 2016. Teacher resources will be selected by a team from the regency and Forum Lintas Agama. Purwakarta will prepare a budget of Rp10 billion to pay the honorarium for some 582 religious teachers from various religions.



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