Rehabilitation of 152,000 Damaged Schools a Priority

Koran Sindo, page 5

Minister of Education and Culture, Muhadjir Effendy was specifically summoned by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to explain the various actions and acceleration programs in the education sector. One of the programs that have become a priority is the plan to rehabilitate 152,000 schools that are heavily damaged and totally damaged.

Whereas for moderately and slightly damaged schools, Muhadjir continued, they will be repaired at a later stage.   He said that the heavily and totally damaged schools would directly be raised to minimum service standard (SPM) status schools. The improvements will be conducted gradually within three years if Kemendikbud obtains a fixed budget.   After the 152,000 badly damaged schools are repaired, only then will the government handle the others.

In relation to the funding, Muhadjir has reported to the President that he would be streamlining some subsectors of the Kemendikbud that is converted to the funding of priority programs, especially business travel and other supporting activities. With such streamlining, Muhadjir continued, priority programs including school infrastructures could be addressed.

Muhadjir added that the streamlining is estimated to be more than Rp 5 trillion from the previous budget of Rp 39 trillion. President Jokowi emphasized that the management of the education budget should be totally changed.



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