Santri Yet to Obtain KIP

Republika, page 5

The distribution of Indonesia Smart Cards (KIP) for 500,000 salafiah boarding school (pesantren) students in 2016 is still zero.  When actually boarding school students (santri) are also KIP beneficiaries, such as school children.

Deputy Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture (PMK) for Coordination of Education and Religion, Agus Sartono said that the 500,000 KIPs is among the 2.2 million KIPs distributed by the Ministry of Religious Affairs (Kemenag). The 500,000 allocation for pesantren salafiah is because around 80 percent of salafia santri come from underprivileged families. He has contacted the Director of Boarding Schools of Kemenag so that the KIPs could be immediately distributed to the students.

Agus said that at present there are about 27 thousand Islamic boarding schools in Indonesia. However, there is no exact data on salafiah boarding schools. Therefore, he set the figure of 500 thousand students to receive KIPs.

Agus explained that there is no difference in the requirements for santri recipients with that of other students. According to him, one of the constraints is that many of the santris are domiciled outside the city or their parents live out of town, but actually this should not be a constraint. He hoped that with the KIPs the santris could buy uniforms, clothes, books to stationery.



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