Company Supports SMK Quality Improvement

Kompas, page 12, Saturday, Oct 12

Improving the quality of vocational high schools (SMK) in order to provide graduates who are ready to work should be a concern of business and industry. Partnerships with schools should continue to be developed by companies so there is alignment between SMK education and the world of business or industry. Trustees of Yayasan SMK Al-Mufti, Subang, West Java, M Warso, said, approach to industry requires a long time until opportunity for cooperation is found. Learning space for the network computer engineering program should be adjusted to the required standards of the company.

Partnering companies provide support for the alignment of curriculum to providing instructors for practice. The teachers were also trained.  Later the students will receive certification to obtaining approval to assemble laptops. This school also linked with a motorcycle company. Instructors from the company are sent to the school to help with real learning process like when working at the company.

At SMK Negeri 2 Subang, there are three buildings designed like industry to make the students feel hands on working on cable assembly for motorcycles / electricity. The company supplies a variety of production needs to be assembled by students with ready-for-use standard.   There are also companies that entrust students to be involved in the production of car wiper components.



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