Early Childhood Education (PAUD) Constrained by Funding

Koran Sindo, page 4

Implementation of early childhood education (PAUD) still has not been effective due to constraints in funding, means-infrastructure, and human resources (HR).  Actually, the government has required students to follow early childhood education before entering primary school level (SD), since this year.

Umi Thoifah, owner and manager of PAUD Mawar Ceria, in Depok, West Java, said that the funding was a major constraint for the PAUD she manages. Due to lack of funding, it is not able to provide adequate welfare for the teachers. PAUD Mawar Ceria only relies on self-financing.

During its five year operation, PAUD Mawar Ceria has only received two operational assistances from the government. While the assistance of donors/funders are difficult to obtain due to the lack of information access.

According to the Chairman of Pokphand Work Institute (LKP), Thomas Effendy, constraints faced in the PAUD management in Indonesia could be a potential threat in the future, namely the reduction of skilled human resources in the country. He quotes a UNICEF report that only 35% of the approximately 48 million children could enjoy early childhood education. Additionally there is a lack of facilities and infrastructure, especially for PAUD that have so far been operating. The government has actually disbursed Rp 2.28 trillion to build and support the operational costs of PAUD throughout Indonesia, but it is still inadequate because the need is great.

Since 2014, LKP has participated in the development and empowerment of PAUD in the villages and urban outskirts. LKP has also been delivering aid in the form of games and visual-aids to assist the implementation of PAUD activities.



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