Education Funds for Students from DKI Will Soon be Available

Media Indonesia, page 5

Jakarta mahasiswa unggul card (KJMU) is now available for candidate students from DKI who want to continue their studies at university commencing next month. Jakarta Governor, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama gave assurance that every student will receive education funds amounting to Rp18 million each year.

Head of Department of Education of Jakarta, Sopan Adrianto, added that currently there are 594 students registered in the KJMU program. Such a number can increase with new student admissions to universities. The mechanism of fund use is that tuition fees will be be directly paid to the university while the balance will be paid monthly to the student’s account.

This program is intended for students from DKI who previously also received Jakarta Smart Card (KJP). He added that students who want to obtain KJMU can register with the Department of Education Jakarta.

It is not only universities in Jakarta that are cooperating with this program, as some 30 universities from across Indonesia have cooperation with the Provincial Government of DKI. These include Islam University of Bandung, Gorontalo University and IAIN Mataram.



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