Regulations for Teachers Should be Clear

Media Indonesia, page 9

The government’s plan to implement the policy of teachers being in school for eight hours a day should be made clear whereby such a regulation must also provide details of teachers’ right and obligation. This was revealed by PLT. Chairman of Indonesian Teachers Association (PGRI), Unifah Rosyidi, yesterday (23/10).

Unifah said that a teacher’s duty is not only about teaching but also planning and evaluation. Those things must also become a consideration and be properly arranged.

Meanwhile, Dirjen of Teachers and Education Personnel (GTK), Sumarna Surapranata, said yesterday (23/10) that in Law No. 14/2005 on Teachers stating that the minimum working hours for teachers are 24 hours and maximum 40 hours. With the new regulation, teachers therefore do not need to visit other schools to fulfill the 24 hours teaching and just need to stay at school where they teach.

Pranata added that this eight-hour a day regulation is suitable for the implementation of President Joko Widodo’s ‘mental revolution’ according to Nawa Cita. His directorate is currently reviewing the activities to be carried out by teachers at school especially in regard to character building, all of which will be stated in the new regulation.



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