BOS Funds To Be Distributed by Early November

Jawa Pos, page 26

Department of Education (Dispendik) DKI instructed all schools to propose Funds Disbursement Request (NPD) of school operational funds (BOS) phase IV of 2016 budget by the end of this month. There will be procedures for submitting NPD. The schools submit NPD to management team of BOS at city level and then city BOS management will forward it to the Dispendik treasurer.

BOS funds are distributed quarterly through Pusat Perencanaan Pengendalian Pembiayaan Pendidikan Personal dan Operasional (P6O) of Dispendik DKI to schools from SD up to SMA. In the process, the first to third quarters of BOS funds have been distributed despite some obstacles. Schools thus are only waiting for the fourth disbursement, which is planned to be completed by early November.

Kasubbag Tata Usaha P60 of Dispendik DKI, Suharso, revealed that schools must provide a letter of responsibility for the previous quarterly funds as the requirement to receive the next quarterly funds. Schools also need to propose the disbursement for the fourth quarterly funds. Once NPD has been submitted, Center of Data and System of Education Information (PDSIP) will prepare a summary.

He added that the total funds received by schools will depend on the number of students. For SD the amount will be the number of students multiplied by Rp200,000, SMP by Rp250,000, while SMA and SMK by Rp350,000. With this BOS funding, it is expected that schools will not accept funding from any other party. The source of funding for school operation should come only from BOS distributed by the government.



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