Government Promises to Restore SMK

Kompas, page 11

Inter-ministerial cooperation is needed to develop vocational education. By improving the quality of vocational education, Indonesia’s potential demographic dividend in 2030 can be achieved thanks to the availability of a qualified workforce. Minister of Manpower Hanif Dhakiri said vocational education at the secondary level and higher education greatly influences the shaping of labor force skills.

He said the Ministry of Manpower with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) Indonesia and the Ministry of Education and Culture would intervene SMKs considered problematic. A total of 2,600 companies take part in providing assistance in the form of training, admissions to field work practice, and provide tools to optimize the learning process. In the apprenticeship vocational students would not merely help, but would also be involved in specific tasks associated with a position. Thus, students have the provision to be absorbed by the company when they graduate.

Based on data from the Central Bureau of Statistics, in February 2016, the unemployment rate among graduates of SMK increased to 9.84 percent (1.35 million people). The percentage of unemployment among graduates of SMA fell to 6.95 percent. The unemployment rate among graduates of diploma 1 to diploma 3 was 7.22 percent.

Hanif also said there would be a revitalization of vocational training centers (BLK) to educate people of working age who did not complete primary and secondary education. BLK is a form of non-formal vocational education. As of August 2016, there were 6,286 companies that integrated with BLK. They developed competency based training.



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