Mendikbud Creates Rule for Teachers to be a Minimum of Eight Hours in School

Minister of Education and Culture (Mendikbud) Muhadjir Effendy revealed he was preparing new rules for teachers. Later, teachers of civil servant status (PNS) or certified are required to be in school for eight hours as civil servants in general.

According to Muhadjir, the regulation will apply to all teachers, both in public and private schools. Moreover, in the near future the full day school or the so-called character education strengthening program (PPPK) will be applied. In essence, says Muhadjir, all teachers who are civil servants and have got the professional allowance, as well as private teachers who are certified, are automatically professional teachers and should be accountable for their professionalism and to be in school a minimum of eight hours.

For teachers who do not implement the rule will be penalized. Ranging from administrative sanctions to be subject to the withholding of certification funds. To implement it, Mendikbud has asked his staff to make the national attendance for teachers.

Not only that, the Education Minister is also working to improve the management system at the school. Each school principal will be exempt from lesson hours and to just focus on managing the existing management at the school. So far, the school principal still has the responsibility of teaching. This condition prompts the school principal to not focus on managing the existing management at the school.




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