Thousands of Educators Attend Nusantara Educators Gathering

Republika, page 5

About 9,000 educators from across Indonesia will gather in the Nusantara Educators Gathering (TPN) 2016 on 28-29 October 2016 in Jakarta. The meeting among teachers, school principals, education activists, parents, academics will discuss the theme “Free to Learn (Merdeka Belajar)”.

TPN is a national education conference and also  a platform for gathering, learning, and networking of the nation’s educators. In addition, TPN is a reflection on promoting education in which all elements of society, central and regional, schools and families are responsible. This was expressed by the President Director of Cikal Teachers’ Campus, Najelaa Shihab.

Najelaa said that TPN which has been held for three consecutive years  will show examples of smart practices on how to generate new initiatives that provide far-reaching implications in the education world. There are at least six major topics to be discussed, namely the effective curriculum, authentic assessment, fostering creativity, eagerness to learn, local wisdom, literacy and integration. The 2016 TPN  will raise the theme Merdeka  Belajar which  refers to the freedom to learn that is not  specifically  for students but also for teachers and all educational elements.


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