1.4 Million Students do not receive Smart Cards (KIP)

Indopos, page 3

The lack of uptake of Indonesia Smart Cards (KIP) has eventually altered this flagship program for the 2017 period.   Annual KIP recipient allocation is trimmed down by up to 1.4 million children. The budget is diverted to other activities in the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) such as for  rehabilitation of damaged schools  and teacher allowances.

Initially, the allocation for next year’s KIP recipients should be 17.9 million children; with a budget prepared amounting to Rp 9.5 trillion. But finally  the 2017 KIP plan was revised.  Total targeted KIP beneficiaries is reduced by 1.4 million children to 16.4 million children. And then the budget is reduced from Rp 9.5 trillion to Rp 8.6 trillion.

Mendikbud, Muhadjir Effendy explained that people should not worry about the trimming of the targeted KIP beneficiaries. Because he has guaranteed that the cuts would not affect the KIP beneficiary students already set for this year. He said that the KIP recipient quota cut commitment would not sacrifice children who are already in school. The KIP recipient cut is specifically for children who are not students. Children of this category are those who are not attending school. KIP recipients who are studying in long-term courses, namely  the Kejar Package A, B, and C are  also not affected by the trimming.

According to Muhadjir, there are several causes of the low absorption of the KIP program. Among them are children who have passed their required ages. For example the child is required to be in  primary school but his/her age has reached almost 20 years. Then  the targeted KIP quota cuts are for  children whose home address is unclear. In addition, it is for non-student children whose ages have reached 20 to 21 years.



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