Extending Inclusive Education

Republika, page 1

Deputy of Indonesian Disabled People’s Association (PPDI), Mahmud Fasa, asked the government to extend the access to inclusive education for people with disabilities to facilitate them in entering working world. These people have skills and competency but often stumble because of their level of education.

The majority of companies now put high school (SMA) diploma as the minimum requirement to apply for a job. This will become a burden for disabled people since most of them are only SD or SMP graduates.

Mahmud explained that Law Number 8 of 2016 on Disabled People still regulates the minimum education requirement for disabled people. Following the drafting of implementing regulation of law in the form of government regulation (PP), PPDI initiated a plan to encourage the revocation of such minimum education requirement.

Meanwhile, Commissioner of the National Commission for Human Rights, Noor Laila, said that disabled students must also obtain opportunities in education. Inclusive schools must commit further to accommodating students with disabilities.

Menristek Dikti M. Nasir revealed the same point of view that higher education must provide as much access as possible to disabled people for they have an equal right to obtain education. The government has an obligation to facilitate them in all sectors, especially in education.



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