Teachers Ready to Help Fight Extortion

Kompas, page 12

President Joko Widodo had lunch with the Board of the Indonesian Teachers Association (PGRI) at the State Palace, Jakarta, on Wednesday (26/10). The PGRI Board expressed its readiness to support the government to resolve a variety of problems. In addition to implementing mental revolution by improving the quality and professionalism of teachers in the country, PGRI is also ready to support efforts to eradicate corruption in the educational environment, including the eradication of bribery (extortion).

Acting Chairperson of the Board of PGRI Unifah Rosyidi said that the teachers strongly supported the movement to eradicate extortion. The movement is part of the teachers’ ethics so their corps welcomed it. She also said that the PGRI Board is ready to drive teachers in the country to become agents of change in efforts to realizing the mental revolution as in the Nawacita Program launched by the President.

Related to the extortion practices often experienced in some sectors, Mendikbud Muhadjir Effendy said that his party would make improvements. For example, by implementing the e-book system, so there are no longer cash purchases of school books. Thus, the potential for extortion in the education circle is minimized.

Related to the alleged practice of extortion in the educational environment, Muhadjir asserted that it is not necessarily done by the teachers, because the extortion culprits exist in the education bureaucracy. Teachers are only a small part of the education system.



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