Disabilities Education Hampered by Lack of Accompanying Persons/Assistants

Republika, page 1

The Coordinating Ministry of Human Development and Culture (Kemenko PMK) explained vacancies for disabled people or people with disabilities as civilian state apparatus (ASN) were not fully occupied. This was expressed by Deputy Assistant for the Empowerment of (People with) Disability and the Elderly of Kemenko PMK, Ade Rustama. The uneven (distribution of) education, continued Ade, is recognized as a constraint for people with disabilities to obtain jobs.

Ade said the lack of accompanying persons for people with disabilities in school became one of the factors. Non-fulfillment of qualifications to fill existing job vacancies is due to the small number of educated persons with disabilities, because the majority of them do not pass high school (SMA).

According to him, if traced, from the education system, the number of accompanying persons in inclusive schools is still few if counted since primary to secondary education.  Because not many of the younger generation want to continue education as accompanying persons/assistants for those with disabilities.   When actually, a number of universities currently still open special education programs (PLB).

Acting Chairperson of the Executive Board (PB) of the Indonesian Teachers Association (PB PGRI) Unifah Rasidi told of the importance of increasing the number of assistant teachers in inclusive schools that accommodate students with disabilities. In the long term, she added, people with disabilities must obtain equality in education. Therefore, Unifah asked the government to conduct an evaluation on equity in the number of teacher assistants in inclusive classrooms.



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