Four Indonesian Children Win Math Competition

Republika, page 5

The Indonesian team successfully won one gold medal, two silver medals and one bronze medal at the mathematics competition, the 5th Wizards at Mathematics International Competition (WIZMIC). This competition was held in Lucknow, India, on October 23 to 26 this year.

In this prestigious math competition, the Indonesian team was represented by the Diknas team and the team from the Mathematics & Science Education Clinic (KPM). According to the President Director of Mathematics & Science Education Clinic Raden Ridwan Hasan Saputra, this year Indonesia only sent one team, namely the team from KPM.
The KPM team consists of four junior high school (SMP) students. Three students were from Jakarta and one other student from Bekasi. To prepare the team in the WIZMIC competition this time, continued Ridwan, KPM provided special training for one week in Bogor.

In the individual contest, the gold medalist was Muhammad Fikri Raikkonen (SMPN 111 Jakarta), the two silver medalists were Muhammad Arif Wibisono (SMPI Al Azhar 8 Kemang Pratama), Muhammad Nadhif Haryadipta Putra Ridha (SMP Labschool Rawamangun), the bronze medalist was Antum Ruhul Faqih Hakiki (SMPI Al Azhar Kelapa Gading). As for the team contest, the KPM team secured the position as first runner up.



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