Menristekdikti to Meet KPK Related to Rector Election

Minister of Research and Technology and Higher Education (Menristekdikti), Mohammad Nasir said he would meet with the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) on the alleged corruption in the election of rectors of state universities (PTN).

According to him, the percentage of Menristekdikti vote in rector election was indeed 35 percent.  Efforts to meet the Commission were also to explain the form of transparency in the rector election.  Unfortunately, Nasir declined to elaborate on the details regarding the planned visit to KPK due to other agenda.

Meanwhile, the Rector of the University of Airlangga (Unair) M Nasih agreed to a review of the Menristek percentage of votes. This avoids the presence of rector candidates who are not supported by the majority voice of the senate to be elected precisely because of the Minister’s vote. So far during the election of the rector, the Menristekdikti’s vote is not centered on one candidate alone. The Minister is not hasty to vote. The one who does not get the respect of the senate would certainly not be supported by the minister.

He said this minister attitude is to maintain the solidity of the university. Because, in some places, said Nasih, there are rector candidates who were supported by the minister yet actually did not become rector because the majority of votes at the university chose another candidate. He said the percentage of the minister’s vote is governed by the policy of each university. There are those that do use the 35 percent, there are also some whose statute sets the Kemenristek vote by 1/3 percent.

Furthermore, he said, for PT whose status is work unit with financing dominated by the state budget (APBN), the authority of the minister should be able to dominate. Or even the rector is appointed by the minister. As for state campus status of Public Service Agency or Badan Layanan Umum (BLU), said Nasih, the involvement of the minister shall be considered.  According to him, the composition or Menristekdikti percentage could be lowered, no longer 35 percent.




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