Ombudsman Says Levies/Extortion in the Education Sector Still Rampant

Chief Representative of Ombudsman North Sumatra Province (Sumut), Abyadi Siregar, said the illegal charges (levies/ extortion) as ordered by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to be wiped out, is actually still rampant conducted by offenders in government institutions. Abyadi said extortion cases are mostly found in the education sector. There is a practice of extortion in the process of New Student Admissions (PPDB), including in the taking of students’ school diploma.

Abyadi said, during 2016, there were 264 reports to the Ombudsman Representative of North Sumatra. All reports of such cases are a form of irregularities conducted by state civil apparatus (ASN) to the public related to public services.

He would ask the law enforcement officers to take steps in the legal process of processing the reported cases of extortion. Some have been reported. Ombudsman also asked all regional heads to seriously combat the practice of extortion.

According to him, to take exam results as well as diplomas from school, there were many students who were charged Rp 100,000 and even more. The levy was asked by the school by reason of one’s sincerety (in giving).  Still, it is a form of extortion that should be eradicated. Earlier, President Jokowi had instructed that for extortion of a mere Rp 10,000 should still be investigated, moreover if the value already reaches Rp 100,000, which, when multiplied by a million people who were charged, then its value is certainly much greater than calculated.



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