Encourage Youth to be Powerful and Creative

Kompas, page 12, Saturday, October 29

Youth empowerment in outermost, frontier, and disadvantaged villages should be a priority. However, the government does not want the youth skills only to be seen from the academic side. Creativity and fighting spirit are also aspects required by the state. Youth and Sports Minister Imam Nahrawi said, at this time, the number of Indonesian youths, ie citizens aged 16-30 years, reached 61.8 million. Equivalent to 24 per cent of the total population. He said the country needed superior youths who could think outside the box.

Imam said that, in future, the share of youth in Indonesia will be even greater. In order for that condition to provide a positive impact, the youths must be completely empowered. Therefore, each sector should really think about how to educate and empower youths. Without good development of potential, a large number of youths could actually bring problems.

Acting Deputy for Youth Empowerment of the Youth and Sports Ministry (Kemenpora) Faisal Abdullah said the majority of Indonesian youths are aware and have creative ideas, but they do not have access to develop. Thus, one Kemenpora program is to provide scholarships and financial aid/capital for creative youths. They do not have to excel academically, but are required to have activities that contribute to society.

Meanwhile, the 88 Years Youth Pledge Symposium, in Jakarta, KH Maman Imanulhaq, Chairman of the Board of Nahdlatul Ulama Dakwah Institute, said Indonesia is awaiting the resurrection of youths.  He appealed to the people of Indonesia to build a collective optimism, that one day the young people of Indonesia will be able to realize the dream that Indonesia becomes a respectable nation among other nations.



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