Indonesia to be in Shortage of University Lecturers

Republika, page 4

Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti) estimates that the profession of lecturers and education staff in the next few years will be scarce and expensive. According to Director General of Science and Technology Resources and Higher Education of Kemenristekdikti, Ali Ghufron Mukti, that within four coming years, there will be about 10 thousand lecturers retiring. That means the profession of lecturers and academic staff would be increasingly rare.

According to Ali, within the next two years, there would almost be no opening of civil service candidates (CPNS) for lecturers, although the need is quite urgent. Currently, there are only a total of 5,350 lecturers in state universities. Currently the government has been preparing regulations on how to hire the lecturers as government employees with work contracts.

Kemenristekdikti will also stop the functional allowances for university lecturers with undergraduate degrees.  According to Ali Ghufron, based on the Teachers and Lecturers Law that was ratified in 2005, there would be no more Lecturers who hold undergraduate degrees within 10 years after the law was passed. The amount of the functional allowance is not too big depending on the lecturer levels and academic positions. The average functional allowance received by lecturers is Rp 750 thousand per month.  Up to now there are at least 31 thousand lecturers still holding undergraduate degrees. Actually, based on the Teachers and Lecturers Law, the minimum education required for lecturers should be postgraduate degree.



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