Kemenristekdikti to Stop S1 Lecturer Allowance

Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education (Kemristekdikti) will stop the functional benefits of lecturers in universities who still hold undergraduate degree or equivalent to strata one (S1) degree. Director General of Science & Technology and Higher Education Resources of Kemristekdikti Ali Ghufron Mukti said functional benefits would be stopped, because based on the Law on Teachers and Lecturers passed in 2005 there are no longer lecturers who have an undergraduate education in 10 years after the law was passed.

The magnitude of the functional allowance, according to him, depends on the level and academic positions, and the average functional benefits received by the lecturers are worth Rp750,000 per month. To date, Kemristekdikti noted that there are at least 31,000 lecturers who still hold undergraduate degrees, whereas the Teachers and Lecturers Law mandates a minimum graduate degree of lecturer education.

So far Kemristekdikti also has a variety of strategies to address the issue of lecturers who are still undergraduates, among others, they are encouraged to continue their education to S2 even S3 level taking advantage of scholarships. One of these scholarships is the Scholarship for Indonesian Lecturers (BUDI). This year there are about 2,300 lecturers awarded scholarships.   He also said his party continues to strive for the lecturers to continue their studies to a higher level.

In addition to BUDI, he said, there are also scholarships for lecturers in collaboration with a number of countries. Moreover, according to him, there is a mechanism for the recognition of teaching in the past, so the experiences of the lecturers who have taught for decades could be comparable to graduate degree with a number of requirements. Therefore, he added, the termination of benefits for S1 graduate lecturers is not a polemic, and the Ministry of Education and Culture also requires a minimum teacher education of undergraduate degree, all for the sake of national education.




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