Learning Exploration in School Age

Kompas, page 11

In tune with children’s development that is full of motion, the learning model for early childhood should avoid the classical. Learning for preschool children (0-6 years) will be more effective with dynamic games pattern, without cramming lectures.  This was conveyed by the Director of Early Childhood Education (ECD) Development of Kemdikbud Ella Yulaelawati.

According to Ella, character education in the form of tolerance and awareness of economic literacy, environmental literacy, and gender could be applied exploratorily and interactively. He pointed out that economic literacy could be paralleled with vocational awareness.  For example, directing children to play buying and selling. That way, the child will understand the concept of production, consumption, and distribution, as well as understand the medium of exchange and other working devices.

Good early childhood learning will support the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Within 10-15 coming years, the current PAUD participants would be in their productive age. This is relevant to the demographic bonus.

Related to that, a child development psychologist of Jakarta State University, Iriani Indri Hapsari, said role playing in early childhood is very good for children’s development. Because the child’s imagination is developing rapidly. Role play helps them express themselves and get to know the structure of society. She explained that until the child is eight years old, the majority of their activities should be filled with educational games. Forcing children to learn reading, writing, and arithmetic conventionally would poorly impact on their growth and development.



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