Schools Create Industry Ambience

Kompas, page 11

A number of vocational schools are bringing in industry to the school in an effort to answer the needs of the working world for skilled workers. Schools and corporations are equally open to running industry-standard vocational education. This is undertaken by SMK Al-Mufti in Subang, West Java. At the top of one building are emblazoned the names of some companies which are the school’s partners to strengthen industry-standard vocational education. There is Axioo for network computer engineering program; there is Kinenta for the learning industry. Also there are Yamaha and Daihatsu for automotive.

Trustees of Yayasan SMK Al-Mufti, M Warso, said to bring the industry into the school, it took quite a lengthy approach for them to be convinced with a commitment to work together. At the very least, it took one or two years to convince the industry to partner.  His party must also be willing to meet the standards, ranging from teachers who are ready to be trained, learning rooms, to curriculum which is aligned.

Student work is supervised directly by the supervisor of the company. The students are also habituated /made accustomed to working in an industrial setting like the atmosphere in a company. They are directed to follow factory rules, to achieve targets, prioritizing quality, and evaluating oneself.

At SMK Negeri 2 in Subang, the industrial atmosphere is deeply felt in several buildings in the school environment that doubles as “mini-mills”. Assembly device belonging to a company is placed in the school. For example, the production of electrical equipment for motorcycles. In fact, there are quite many graduates who interned are recruited as employees. Budianto, teacher of SMK Negeri 2 Subang said, the school initially sought industrial partners for a way out for underprivileged students to be independent/self-reliant in the school. Work experience in the “mini mill” in the school is expected to sharpen/hone the mentality of the students to be ready to compete.


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