Honorary Teachers Demand Salary According to UMK

Kompas, page 23

Despite playing a role in educating the nation, honorary teachers still obtain very low wages. Many of them receive under Rp500,000 each month. Therefore, they demand an improvement in their welfare, one being a salary amounting to the standard of the minimum rate for regency/city (UMK).

Such a demand was proposed by over 1,000 honorary teachers in West Java during their demonstration in front of Gedung Sate, Bandung City, Monday (31/10). Besides teachers, other honorary employees such as school administration staff and civil service police units also joined the demonstration.

In addition to salary standardization, they also demand incentive allowances either from central government, the province or the regency/city. If the salary is adjusted to UMK, it will increase honorary teachers’ incomes. UMK in 27 regencies/cities in West Java varies from Rp1.3 million to Rp3.3 million.

Cecep Kurniadi, the field coordinator of the demonstration, said that they have met the governments of regencies/cities in West Java several times to discuss this issue. However, they never obtain any certainty and are thus conveying their aspirations to West Java Provincial Government.

Administration Assistant of Local Secretariat of West Java, Muhammad Solihin did not deny that some honorary teachers still receive salaries of less than Rp500,000 each month. However, his department cannot accommodate those demands because SD and SMP teachers are under the authority of regency/city government, while for SMA they will be managed by the province next year.



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