Kemenristekdikti to Stop Allowances of Lecturers Yet to Hold S-2

Suara Pembaruan, page 16

Based on data from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (kemenristekdikti) in 2016, Indonesia still has 31,000 lecturers not been certified S-2. They consisted of 5,000 lecturers of state universities (PTN) and 26,000 from the private sector (PTS).

Director General of Resources for Science & Technology and Higher Education, of Kemenristek Dikti, Ali Ghufron Mukti said, to improve the quality of PT, the government will halt functional allowances for lecturers who do not meet the requirements of the Law on Teachers and Lecturers, which requires a minimum of lecturer qualification of S-2.

The lecturers dismissed from the functional allowances automatically cannot become lecturers and will be converted into other educational personnel, such as librarians or laboratory personnel. Furthermore, to solve the problem, Ghufron will provide scholarships for lecturers completing the S-2. So that, when those lecturers whose functions had been converted could again become lecturers when they have met the requirements.

Ghufron added, in addition to the provision of scholarships, to overcome the shortage of lecturers, Kemendikbud will meet Ministry of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform (Ministry PAN-RB) to discuss the quota of civil servants (PNS) specifically for lecturers. Because, in 2017 there will be 10,000 lecturers retiring.



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