Regions Asked to Support PAUD

Kompas, page 11

Early childhood education (PAUD) for children aged 0-6 years should begin to be a concern of regional administrations. In fact, the regions are encouraged to require children to follow early childhood education for at least one year, especially in the age of 6 years, to get ready to enter primary school education.

According to the Director of Early Childhood Education (PAUD)), of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Ella Yulaelawati, in Jakarta, Monday (31/11), from 4.76 million early childhood in 2016, half are already in primary school. Although the age of compulsory primary education in legislation starts at age 7, quite many children aged 6 years who already meet requirements, are already in primary school.

Ella said that children 6 years of age are at an awkward age.   There are those already in primary school, but there are also those still in PAUD. For that Kemendikbud encouraged children 6 years of age to be guaranteed to get early childhood services that meet minimum service standards in the regions. Unfortunately, this provision could not yet be required to the regions.

According to Ella, the development of early childhood education in Indonesia is quite fast, reaching approximately 190,000 institutions. Central government assistance for early childhood teachers or for operational costs is still minimal, or does not include all PAUD of which 90% are managed by community initiative. PAUD service coverage ideally starts at ages 0-6 years. Currently, formal and informal early childhood services develop for ages 3-6 years, numbering over 19 million children. Early childhood development is still modest with no minimum service standards. When actually, early childhood intervention is a very good investment to prepare a more reliable generation.



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