System for Selection of Rectors will be Reviewed

Koran Tempo, page 7

Commissioner of Ombudsman RI, Laode Ida, said that in the near future, his team will discuss the system for selecting a rector. Such a meeting is planned to be held this Friday with Kemenristek Dikti and certain education experts.

Laode revealed that fraud and problem occurring in the selection of rectors in several regions would be an issue for discussion. He suggested that the selection of rectors must take into account such qualities as intellectual ability, plus a high degree of integrity and experience. To date, many candidates for rector positions lack experience but are selected because of their links with or support from owners of businesses hoping to arrange cooperation on projects with the campus.

The selection of rectors comprises several phases. The first is the filtering phase where candidates are filtered down to three candidates. The next phase is selection where the university senate and the Minister of Research select one of the three candidates to be a rector. In the selection phase, the senate – consisting of professors and high officials of the university – hold 65% of the votes with the remaining votes being the entitlement of the Minister of Research.

Chairman of Indonesian Rectors’ Forum, Rochmat Wahab, agreed with Laode’s idea to maintain the Minister’s right to vote in the selection the selection process. The reason for this is to raise the interest of the rector whose coordination is under the Minister to promote national programs at university level. On the other hand, Jefirston R. Riwu Kore, a member of Education Commission of People Representatives, disagreed with the ratio of the votes being 35:65 because this ratio is considered to be one of main causes of problems due to rector brokers.



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