Boarding School Judged Better than Full Day School

RI Minister of Education and Culture, Muhadjir Effendy started a public discourse on the enforcement of a full day school policy.  However, according to the Chairman of Education and Workforce of the Central Leadership of Ansor Youth Movement (GP), Mohammad Amin said the half-day educational model which has so far been running at formal schools is not effective enough.

The full day school education model is indeed better than the half-day educational model.  However, the full day school is also not the best educational model. For GP Ansor, the best model of education in Indonesia is the boarding school model.

He explained Jam’iyyah NU has already practiced the boarding school education model since hundreds of years ago. Such education model is implemented in boarding schools (pesantren). Amin says if you want to know the quality of boarding school graduates, compare the level of mastery of science, morality and nationalism of boarding school graduates with that of formal school graduates.

According to him, boarding school graduates who have been studying for 12 years compared to other education graduates within the same timeframe are generally more superior. GP Ansor proposed that the education model to be applied nationally be the boarding school education model.




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