Funds the Obstacle to the Government Providing Education Services for Disabled People

Deputy Assistant of Disabled and Older People Empowerment of Coordinating Ministry of People and Culture Development (Kemenko PMK), Ade Rustama, said that the minimal supervision for disabled people at school has become one of factors of their inadequate education. This issue thus becomes an obstacle for disabled people to obtain jobs.

Ade provided an example of the 300 opportunities in CPNS 2014 selection for disabled people that could not be fulfilled. This condition resulted from the needs that could not be met by the qualifications of the disabled people. This happened because of the lack of disabled people with education. The majority of the participants had not graduated from high school.

Investigation of the problem reveals reveals an education system in which there is a lack of availability of supervision for disabled people in inclusive schools. The number of supervisors is also lower from primary to secondary education. Moreover, there are only a few of the younger generation who want to continue their education as supervisors for disabled people, although In fact, some universities provide a study program for disabled people education (PLB). An additional impact of the lack of supervisors for disabled people is that it hinders the development of inclusive schools.




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