Kemendikbud Encourages Character Education through Art

Director General of Culture of the Ministry of National Education, Hilmar Farid, brought up the idea of character education for students at school through art. In today’s schools, however, art plays a lesser role. There is thus a need for greater availability of art to play its part in character education and this must be on the agenda to be carried out. One of the indicators of the lack of art education in schools is the limited number of art teachers due to the difficulties in the process of becoming qualified to fulfill that role.

He revealed that after graduating from an art institution, a candidate teacher still needs to undertake two further years of study to obtain a teaching certificate. Such a situation limits efforts to improve the development of art education. He therefore suggested that the complicated regulations relating to the procurement of art education personnel be  amended and simplified in order to resolve the limited number of art teachers,

Kemendikbud has a plan to adjust the regulations so that, for example, using the certification model, so that these candidate teachers can provide lessons and training in art even though their background does not come from educating of art.

Details of this plan for character education of students at school through art have not been formulated as to whether it will be applied as an extracurricular or co-curricular activity because further research is still needed to understand the relationship between art and other subjects.




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