Minister’s Voice/ Vote in Rector Election Already Considered

Suara Pembaruan, page 17

Former Minister of Education and Culture who is also maker of Ministerial Regulation on Rector Election Procedures, Prof Mohammad Nuh, said the issue of brokers in the election of rector is very unfortunate. Because the government has set the rector election procedure based on Ministerial Regulation No. 24 of 2010 on the Procedure for Election of Rector. In this case, the minister has 35% voting rights and the senate has 65% in the election of rector.

According to Nuh, the presence of voting quota for the minister is because the minister is the party fully responsible in the election of the rector up to future contribution.   In addition, a new problem would occur if there was no voting contribution from the minister.  Nuh explained, initially the minister had full rights over the election of the rector. However, this situation is considered less friendly because the senate and other campus community could not contribute.

The quota of 35% for the minister is actually only for balance if needed. Because the Senate has greater authority up to the screening process, then it submits three names of candidates to the minister in accordance with the criteria.  Furthermore, Nuh also said if the choice of the senate meets requirements, then the minister’s vote has no effect.   The Minister only has the authority to provide criteria of rector candidates.

Rector of the State University of Yogyakarta Rochmat Wahab said the ministerial quota of 35% is understandable, because the government is still sharing funds and support to state universities for the success of national policies, such as siding towards poor people and residents/citizens of frontier, outermost and disadvantaged regions.



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