Regional Commitment Low

Kompas, page 12

Commitment of most regional administrations to promote education in their regions is still considered low. Commitment to education is also still highly dependent on the incumbent regional head. As a result, the school education system cannot run well. The situation comes amid great demands on the availability of highly competitive human resources at the ASEAN or world level. Therefore, improving the quality of education remains a major and crucial job for Indonesia.

The issue was raised in the seminar titled “Making School Work” implemented by the World Bank and supported by the Australian Government, in Jakarta, Tuesday (1/11). Secretary General of the Ministry of Education and Culture Didik Suhardi who attended the event, said, there are quite many regencies or cities whose budget for education in their regions is minus. Moreover, not all regional transfer funds from the central government are allocated for education. This condition prompts education services to not run optimally.

One of the effects of the differing commitments of local administrations towards education is the considerably varied school conditions from one region to another. Didik said 230,000 primary schools to high schools/ vocational schools have a variety of conditions. From the results of accreditation, the portion of schools attaining A and B was only 50 percent. Most education funding for these schools are still covered from the state budget. Actually, the regional administrations should also strive hard so schools in their regions could achieve national education standards.

Global Practice Manager for Asia Pacific Education of the World Bank Harry A Patrinos said the government is responsible to create a good education system in schools so education is beneficial for development. Effective schools are realized by good learning outcomes and beneficial, not just to have a good test score.



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