Swedish Government Offers S2 Scholarships


The Swedish government through the Swedish Institute Study Scholarship (SISS) offers graduate education (S-2) scholarships for students from Indonesia. Educational Consultant of the Nordic Student Service Titi Holmgren said SISS offers scholarships to study in various universities in Sweden, good for a year or two-year program.
It was expressed in the “Info Session Study in Sweden” on the campus of the University of Diponegoro, Semarang.  In addition to scholarships, Titi said that SISS also provided living expenses of 9,000 Swedish krona per month and “travel grant” for returning home to Indonesia.

In contrast to a number of other scholarships, SISS does not specify an age limit. In addition, the SISS also provides an opportunity for students who have not been lucky in the past year to continue to sign up again.

Sweden as one of the developed countries that provide high enough investment in education and research, she continued, the quality of universities in the country are almost all good because all are under the supervision of the government system. Titi who had studied in Sweden also revealed that the people there are very tolerant and appreciate/ respect the differences so that Indonesian students, especially Muslim students need not worry.

Link: http://www.antaranews.com/berita/593395/pemerintah-swedia-tawarkan-beasiswa-strata-2



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