US Supports School Literacy Movement in North Sumatra

The US government has expressed its commitment to support Indonesia’s school literacy movement initiated for the first time in a private education institution in North Sumatra.

US consul for Sumatra, Juha P. Salin, during a declaration event at the Parulian Education Foundation office in Medan, said the school literacy movement was very helpful for students to increase both their reading skills and interests. With better reading skills, students could better grasp learning materials, he went on.  This literacy program should have been implemented at schools. His party hope other schools and education institutions also could launch such a literacy program.

Several House of Representatives lawmakers, North Sumatra Legislative Council members and the province’s education agency officials attended the event. Parulian Education Foundation head Sopar Siburian said it was the first time a private education institution in North Sumatra had declared a school literacy movement.

The declaration could be realized thanks to the foundation’s partnership with USAID’s Prioritizing Reform, Innovation, Opportunities for Reaching Indonesia’s Teacher, Administrators and Student (Prioritas) program, he went on.

Meanwhile, North Sumatra Education Agency head Aspan Sofian said the school literacy movement had been programmed in 15 regencies and municipalities across the province. The agency has planning to declare the school literacy movement at the provincial level in December.




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