Balikpapan Cuts Teacher Allowance

Media Indonesia, page 11

Balikpapan City Administration, East Kalimantan, trimmed civil servant (PNS) allowances, including teacher certification allowance, to ease the burden on regional budgets that are in deficit. Balikpapan Mayor Rizal Effendi explained that the policy was taken by his party in line with the formulation of the ideal system in the provision of additional employee income (TPP). Hopefully, the TPP model to be later applied is much better than before.

According to him, the termination of TPP payment is already entered into force in November 2016 because of the regional financial condition, which is in deficit of Rp 500 billion this year.

Earlier, Balikpapan DPRD member Boediono stated, TPP provisioning should be adjusted to the financial condition of the region.  There are even a number of regions revoking such allowances.  In the Minister of the Interior Regulation, additional employee income is adjusted to the regional finance.



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