Mandatory to Be in School for Eight Hours

Jawa Pos, page 26

Teachers whose status are civil servants (PNS) and obtain professional allowance are required to be in school for eight hours a day. The rule was posted by the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud). Teachers who are present at 07.00 should remain in school at a minimum until 15:00 hours.

The rule is scheduled to take effect starting next year. Sanction for noncompliance is already arranged. Namely, the administrative sanction and postponement of certification funding. The Jakarta Education Agency (Dispendik) welcomed the provision. Moreover, before the rule is issued by Kemendikbud, the working hours of civil servant teachers in Jakarta follow the working hours of civil servants in other departments/ agencies, which require working eight hours a day. Cutting regional performance allowance (TKD) is also a sanction if one does not comply with the provisions.

Deputy Head of Jakarta Dispendik Bowo Irianto said in school teachers could create teaching materials for the coming days. Teachers could also evaluate the learning that has been given to the students. In a week, the teacher must fulfill the obligation of 40 working hours.   With this rule, the teacher is expected to have more time with their students in school.

Meanwhile, the salary received by teachers in the school is divided into three parts. Namely, the basic salary, the functional salary, and the number of teaching hours. Thus, teachers who want to get maximum income must have maximum hours in school.



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