Schools in Purwakarta Have A Praying Room for Non-Moslem Students

Schools in Purwakarta now have a special room for praying for non-Moslem students. The provision of such a room will give a chance for non-Moslem students to pray before school hours begin. Regent of Purwakarta, Dedi Mulyadi, explained that this is a part of the implementation of character building concept in Purwakarta that has been commenced from 2008. He revealed that the diversity in religious life of the students in Purwakarta must be accommodated in education world and it becomes the obligation of the government to prepare the facility.

In addition to the praying room for all religions, Pemkab Purwakarta also prepares religious teachers and guidance teachers who will teach a religious lesson according to the curriculum. These teachers are invited to provide a lesson on the holy book according to the religion of the students.

Dedi explained that SMP Negeri I Purwakarta will undertake the pilot project whereby religious teachers and the praying room for all religions provision will be tried out in this school. Dedi added that this movement is important to maintain the tolerance in Purwakarta.

Headmaster of SMP Negeri I Purwakarta, Heri Wijaya, said that this policy has been implemented for a long time with the orientation of creating a condition to respect each other religion and belief held by the students whether for those who have the same or different religion.

A positive response came from one of Catholic figures in Purwakarta, Zakarias Kayus. He said that such a policy implemented by Pemkab Purwakarta is the first time in Indonesia. He hoped that this step becomes an example for other regions to follow.




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