Thousands of University Lecturers Become Government Employees

Media Indonesia, page 11

In order to overcome the shortage of lecturers particularly in the new universities, the government will conduct the appointment of 5,350 lecturers as government employees with employment contracts (P3K). However, the validation is still carried out in the process. Director General of Resources for Science and Technology and Higher Education of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Ali Ghufron Mukti explained that the realization of the faculty appointment is set out in Government Regulation No. 10/2016 on Lecturers and Education Personnel in new state universities.

Later on the status of the lecturers would be state civil apparatus and their rights would be similar to civil servant (PNS) lecturers. Meaning the right to teach, to obtain scholarship, the right to research, the right to obtain health benefits, the right to pursue an academic career, up to the right to achieve a position in the leader level such as head of study program and the dean.

Education expert Arief Rachman emphasized that the government should not haphazardly hire lecturers to become P3K. Efforts to accelerate filling the vacancy of lecturers must meet the requirements of lecturer qualifications that are in accordance with the needs of the universities. However, he believes, that Kemenristek Dikti surely has the standards to determine the desired quality of lecturers. For instance, referring to Tridarma University Oath, among others improving in academic development, requesting to become a researcher, and the spirit in community service.

Previously, Ali Ghufron explained that in the next four years there will be about 10 thousand lecturers who will retire. In the past two years there were almost no job openings for civil servant (PNS) candidates for lecturers, although the need is urgent.



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