15,000 Teachers to have Double Certificates

Koran Sindo, page 4

The Government will provide additional certificates to thousands of adaptive vocational high school (SMK) teachers in order to become productive teachers. This policy is to meet the need for 91,000 productive teachers in SMK.  This is expressed by the Director General of Teachers and Education Personnel (GTK) of the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) Sumarna Surapranata at a press conference of National Teacher’s Day in 2016, at the Kemendikbud office, Jakarta, yesterday (3/10).

To note, in the SMK level there are three types of teachers. There are normative teachers who administer Religious Education or Civic Education, adaptive teachers who used to teach Physics and Chemistry and productive teachers that administer special programs.  The four special programs are Maritime Marine, Agriculture and Food Security studies, as well as Tourism and Creative Industry studies.

Pranata explained efforts to provide additional certificates to the adaptive teachers will begin next year. Later, every year there will be an education certification program and expertise certification for 15,000 teachers. The program continues until the productive teacher shortages are met.

To obtain a teacher who is truly an expert, said Pranata, the prospective double certified teachers would be selected with scholastic aptitude tests. Training will be conducted for 12 months through self-learning in schools, training in the industry as well as an internship in one of the productive SMK.    According to Pranata, this double certificate program will have no effect on the professional allowance, but rather on their professional status would improve due to being expert in the field of adaptive and productive subjects.



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