Kemenristek Dikti Focuses on Polytechnic

Media Indonesia, page 11

The policy direction of the Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristek Dikti) in 2017 will focus on polytechnic in order to eliminate the stereotype that polytechnics are second class higher education (institutions). This was confirmed by Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Menristek Dikti) M Nasir during a work visit to the Bandung Manufacturing Politechnic (Polman), West Java, yesterday (3/10).

Nasir explained various efforts have been undertaken, such as adjusting the curriculum to the needs of industry and to encourage the achievement of accreditation A. The quality of laboratories, infrastructure and human resources in Poltek, especially lecturers, will also be upgraded.

The lecturers, continued Nasir, are included in a variety of trainings, both within the country and abroad to obtain certificates of expertise in their respective fields.   It was part of efforts to revitalize vocational education, in particular what the government will do with polytechnics.   The budget disbursed to revitalize vocational education is to the amount of Rp200 billion and will continue to be added in 2017.

Nasir added that his party is also in the midst of striving for polytechnics to take part in higher education entrance joint selection both state as well as private.   He has, continued Nasir, gathered the rectors and directors to discuss the plan.



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