Kemenristekdikti Prepares A Circular Letter on the Issue of Bribery in the Rector Selection Process

Suara Pembaruan, page 17

A recurring problem resulting from the bribery issue in the selection of rectors at several universities (PT) has spurred the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Menristekdikti), Prof Mohamad Nasir to prepare a circular letter (SE) for all PTs in Indonesia in regard to rector selection. Nasir said that this SE will be issued soon to all PTs to remind them of the functions of the senate to use their vote right fairly and appropriately.

Nasir added that the whole process must be transparent and avoid fraud in selecting a rector. Selection of a rector must be free from bribery and other fraudulent practices. His Ministry is currently preparing the SE to prevent fraud in rector selection. He promised that his Ministry will also use their voting right in an appropriate manner. He emphasized that he never used this 35% voting right for individual or any other person’s interest, but that all votes were cast in the interest of PT.

He further explained that the 35% vote becomes a form of control from the government. Thus, the SE will state two main requirements that candidates for the position of rector should fulfill. Firstly, the candidates must have adequate competency and secondly, they must be clear from inspectorate records.



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