SMK Requires 91 thousand Lecturers

Republika, page 8

The Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) needs 91 thousand vocational school (SMK) teachers to succeed in the vocational education program for the preparation of generating competent graduates to work. This was expressed by Director General of Teachers and Education Personnel (Dirjen GTK) Sumarna Pranata.

Pranata explained the government has four fields to be targeted from vocational education; namely, the maritime and marine program, agriculture and food security, tourism and the creative industry.   Kemendikbud has two ways to meet the needs for vocational teachers.  Firstly is recruitment, but the supply of teachers is not there. Secondly is to provide additional certificates to adaptive teachers to become productive (ones).

However, he was reluctant to call the certificate addition as a conversion. Vocational teachers consist of three types: normative, adaptive and productive.  Pranata said that in 2016, Kemendikbud provides double certificates to 15 thousand teachers. The registration process was done since two months ago. Until October 2016 there were already more than 16 thousand teachers who registered.

He explained that these teachers will attend training and mentoring for a year by the mentor and college. In December of next year, further Pranata, the teachers will get a new field teaching certificate and a certificate of competence. Pranata added the government has prepared additional allowance for the teachers with additional certificates.  Their additional capabilities would be utilized to give birth to school graduates beneficial for nation building.



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