UNG to force LGBT students to change their sexual orientation

The Jakarta Post, page 2

State University of Gorontalo (UNG) Rector Syamsu Qamar Badu decided on Thursday to take stern measure against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) students on campus.

Syamsu plans to establish a special team to monitor students who have claimed an LGBT sexual orientation. The LGBT students will be obligated to attend special sessions to be “normalized”, and if they defy the requirements, the university will impose severe sanctions against them.

The special team will include psychologist and other related experts and will function like an intelligence agency, in which its member will work undercover making friends with students in order to diagnose their sexual orientation.

Student discovered to be homosexual by the team will later be asked to register for counseling in order to be given “special treatment” so they can return to “normalcy”

The announcement on the establishment of the team, said Syamsu, would serve as a warning to students with an LGBT identity. All students diagnosed as LGBT will face through interviews. The team has been granted power by the university to summon the parents of students found have an LGBT identity. He said this is a silent operation and will not investigate all students at once as he does not want to draw unnecessary attention to the process.

However, Syamsu emphasized that students confirmed to be LGBT who refused to give up their LGBT identity, would no longer be supported by the college and their scholarships would be revoked. However, Syamsu said, the campus would not expel LGBT students because he respects their right to receive an education.

Meanwhile, the ministry’s director general for learning and student affairs, Intan Ahmad, said the ministry’s stance on LGBT students would remain consistent with Nasir’s statement, saying that it was the decision of the rector at the UNG to make a policy regarding LGBT students. However, he said he disagreed with the plan to revoke scholarships and other campus facilities if LGBT students continued to identify as LGBT.



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