Academic Higher Education in Moratorium

Kompas, page 13, Saturday, Nov 5

Starting in 2017, the establishment of academic higher education (PT) is in moratorium because the number is considered adequate. On the contrary, the establishment of vocational colleges continues to be encouraged to support the availability of manpower for industry. Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education Mohammad Nasir said the opening of academic PT is only for frontier, outermost, and disadvantage regions, as well as regions with special needs.

Institutional Director of Science & Technology and Higher Education Kemenristekdikti Patdono Suwignjo said the holding of vocational PT is more expensive than that of academic PT.   Workshop device/equipment could be worth billions of rupiah. Not to mention 60-70 percent of practice including their certification.

According to Patdono, the opening of new polytechnics still rely on the government, especially for the four priority areas, namely maritime, agriculture, tourism and the creative industries. Besides Kemristekdikti, other ministries such as the Ministry of Transportation, Tourism, Industry, or the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries will open new polytechnics. The regional administrations are also encouraged to open community academies

The establishment of polytechnics by the business community is also encouraged. For example, the Indonesia Engineering Polytechnic (PEI) in Purwakarta, West Java, was established as a form of corporate social responsibility of PT Indo-Rama Synthetics Tbk.  PEI Director Resdiansyah said the establishment of PEI is to provide the manpower needed in Purwakarta and its surroundings.   There are scholarships for poor students.


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