Development Unit of the Ministry of Industry becomes Role Model of Industrial Vocational Development

Suara Pembaruan, page 9, Saturday, Nov 5

Implementation of industrial vocational education in the Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin), both at the SMK or polytechnic levels, has now become a reference point for the development of vocational education nationally. Because the education unit at the Ministry of Industry has managed to build an education system that is truly competency-based and has a link and match concept with the industrial world.

Secretary General of the Ministry of Industry, Syarif Hidayat at the graduation ceremony of Corporate Leadership Academy (APP) managed by the Ministry of Industry, said the ministry is committed to producing prospective workforce ready to work on the ground through the development of competency-based industrial vocational education and training. With these efforts, it is expected job opportunities in the country is fully filled by Indonesian workers, even able to fill the labor market abroad.

According to Sharif, to encourage the growth of sustainable national industry, Law No. 3 Year 2014 on Industry mandated the need for the development of competent industrial workforce as an input factor in industry development. Measures/ steps in the development of competent industrial workers have also been regulated and described in Government Regulation No. 14 Year 2015, among others through competency-based industrial vocational education, industrial apprenticeship and certification of competence.



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